A Gokwe man was shocked when he caught his son being intimate with his wife in the bush.

Albert Musokeri (25) of Gokwe under Chief Chireya slept with his father’s second wife Ketina Musokeri (35) who is 10 years his senior. He was fined three cows.

“Albert and his stepmother have been seeing each other for close to two years now but Albert’s father did not know about it. At some point he started suspecting that his wife was having an extra marital relationship with someone but not knowing it was his own son. He then hatched a plan to follow Ketina everywhere she went.

On the fateful day, Musokeri followed his wife who had gone to fetch water but did not find her. He traced her shoeprint and caught the pair red handed having s.ex in the bush. He then reported the awkward incident to the village head who forwarded the matter to Chief Chireya,” a source told B Metro

Chief Chireya confirmed presiding over the case. “I can confirm that l presided over a case where a man slept with his father’s wife. I ordered the man to pay three cows, and the woman to pay three goats.”

“The young man also confessed that he had slept with over half of the married women from his area because his father had given him juju which resulted in him having a huge sexual appetite,” added Chief Chireya