VP Chiwenga said he was on the death’s door when he left South Africa for China.

“And I want to thank personally my President, His Excellency President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, if he had not intervened the time I was in the intensive care in South Africa, I could have been history by now, and when he communicated with his counterpart President Xi Jinping, I was then taken to China . . . he did not act as the President but acted as my brother to make sure that I survive . . . 

“And I would also want, before I go far, to thank the people of Zimbabwe for their prayers; those prayers from across the country helped my recovery.”

“Up to yesterday, from the time I left, I had spent 123 days in hospital. When I got there it was the 21st of July and got my discharge certificate later on after 123 days. “I feel strong and I am raring to go for work . . . everything possible was done; they left no stone unturned . . . so I am very fit and happy.” 

He said he had already resumed his duties. It is now incumbent upon us to work to achieve the vision our President has set for 2030. Let us work with him tirelessly to ensure everything is achieved.”