Anne Nhira has once again cleared the air regarding the Zodwa Wabantu drama, years back.

“First let me clear the air, once more. I was misquoted. I never hated Zodwa. I do not have bad blood with her. What I only did was that I wrote four letters to different ministries appealing to them on moral issues.

I ended up having backlash on social media, but I remained strong and I knew it would pass. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion,” she told the Herald.

 “Many people think acting has made me a star, but little do they know that my first career was modelling. I was my own star and acting was just another stepping stone. For now, I can safely say that I have taken a break (from acting). Unless I have a role in an international production or in my own production, you will not be seeing me on screens anytime soon.

“For now, it is about business opportunities. I am now with Get Rich Africa and we are now talking about making millionaires and billionaires. We are empowering the youths and so far we are proud to have a few that have passed through our courses and running their own business in Kadoma, Kwekwe and Mutare.

“We are not only in Zimbabwe, but across Africa and we are making plans to host a huge event early next year with some of Africa’s top captains of industry who will come, not only impact knowledge but make sure it is implemented,” she said.