Guspy Warrior’s wife, Amanda Nyagato Manyeruke, has revealed that she suffered bouts of depression and had attempted to kill herself.

“I got pregnant at the age of 19 when I was about to go and study law at the University of South Africa. I became a teen mom and my husband was just 21. We were both children who were about to start a family and you can imagine the pressure that comes with such great responsibility.

“We faced financial problems because my husband’s career was in its early stages. The major drive was when there was a scandal about a girl who was claiming maintenance from my husband. I had to read about it in the paper for the first time and that affected me. The pressure of being married to a celebrity mounted on me. That time I was studying psychology and I pulled out of college.

“I would tell my family that I was all right while deep down I was not. Although we talked it over with my husband, psychologically I was depressed. I became insecure and scared.

“I had survived the shame of being a teen mother, dropping out of university and public shame because of the status of my husband.”

“The attempted suicide story was between me and my husband. I still had an identity crisis on how a dancehall artist’es wife should look like and this made me to take pills with alcohol so that I could sleep.”

She said her redemption came through her daughter who after seeing her popping her pills as usual and dancing to music, told her that when she grew up she wanted to be like her.
“I went back to church and my relationship with God began afresh and I rebuilt myself. Later on that’s when I met Dr Magwenzi. She was just launching her book and I read it repeatedly. It spoke to me and gave me strength. She has been my pillar who helped me boost my confidence.

She now runs an organisation, Red Lips Foundation that helps people who are going through depression and suicide attempts.