Boity Thulo was slaying at the MTV Europe Music Awards (EMA) in Seville, Spain, last night. But she had a hellish time to get there.

Boity was initially scheduled to depart to Seville on Thursday night but had to reschedule to Friday night due to visa issues.

After travelling to Zurich in Switzerland for 11 hours she missed her connecting flight to Seville. She had to wait for six hours to get a new flight that took her to Brussels, Belgium.

Boity waited another two hours to connect and eventually arrived in Seville on Saturday night.

There was no time to rest on the night as she immediately changed and headed to the Green Day concert at the historical landmark Plaza de España.

"It's been a long day and build up to this day. I'm just glad it's here. The mishaps that have happened along the way for me to get here, I just want to make it phenomenal despite everything that happened before I could get here."

"This is a big deal for me. It's been a long time coming. For so many years it was such a struggle to get invited to such things. You are treated like a real star, you get to feel it and not beg people to put you in certain spaces," she told the Sowetan.

She was joined by A-listers such as Akon, Nicole Scherzinger, Terry Crews, Joan Smalls and Niall Horan.