Ex President Robert Mugabe’s wealth will be revealed in a few days’ time, as his estate will be registered.

This week the Master of the High Court is expected to give the full list of what he owned, including investments, houses, cash and gifts ranging from cattle, precious minerals and even wild animals.

A Government gazette published on November 15 confirmed the registration of the estate.

“Notice is hereby given that the estate of the under-mentioned deceased persons, minors or persons whose whereabouts are unknown, are unrepresented and that the next of kin, creditors or other persons concerned are required to attend on the dates and at the times and places specified, for the selection of an executor, tutor or curator dative, as the case may be,” read the notice, which appeared with Mugabe’s name.

Sources privy to the compilation of Cde Mugabe’s estate told The Sunday Mail that at least three law firms — Uriri Attorneys-at-Law; DSL, a security services outfit; and Venturas and Samkange Legal Practitioners — are responsible for the onerous task.

 “Maybe in the next three weeks . . .  There is so much that still needs to be compiled. The interests of the party (Zanu-PF) and its former First Secretary had become conflated.” 

It is believed that part of Cde Mugabe’s wealth, as an avid farmer then, includes “5 000 cattle from farms in Mwenezi, Norton, Hurungwe, Chivhu and Beitbridge”, 11 combine harvesters and “many houses donated to him since 1980, and buildings not just in Harare, but all over Zimbabwe”.

Added the source: “Here in Harare (Cde) Mugabe owned whole blocks of buildings in some streets . . . The estate is so vast those boys (Cde Mugabe’s two sons) do not have to work a single day if everything is accounted for . . .”

Some close family members, who elected to remain anonymous because of the sensitivity of the matter, told The Sunday Mail that some of Cde Mugabe’s wealth had already been divided up and might never be made public.