Former Zanu PF bigwig, Saviour Kasukuwere is planning to return to Zimbabwe to plunge back into politics.

He is in South Africa at present and is plotting to challenge President Mnangagwa in 2023. Kasukuwere is fired up after he was cleared by the courts over corruption allegations.The outpouring of love and support during the funeral of for former president Robert Mugabe has energised Tyson and G40.

When he was contacted by the Standard, Kasukuwere said :” “Am I not Zimbabwean? I have a democratic right to participate in politics if people want me to represent them.”

It is believed that the National Patriotic Front has been courting Kasukuwere who is likely to emerge as its new leader in the coming months.

Those that are said to be backing a possible return to Zanu PF for Kasukuwere fear that he would not be effective as an opposition leader as the military, which has close ties to the ruling party remained the power broker.