A Chiredzi manager has turned his back on a child that his wife conceived through a sperm donor.

The  manager at a large sugarcane company was told by doctors that his sperm count was too low and he will therefore not have a child. He then agreed with his wife to have a child from a sperm donor.

The Masvingo Mirror will not mention the names of the couple for ethical reasons but the maintenance case was before Chiredzi Magistrate Regis Mawarire on October 1, 2019.
The court was told that the defendant and his wife went to South Africa where they got a sperm from an unknown donor and there was artificial insemination resulting in the woman conceiving. The baby was born in November 2018.

The manager is now accusing his wife of adultery. The defendant is also refuting evidence led by his wife that the two went abroad for artificial insemination claiming that the documents from a South African laboratory where the insemination took place which were produced in court by his wife were fake. He also distanced himself from the signature on the papers saying he only went abroad on business trips.

He however, produced a letter from Urology Practice in Harare signed by Doctor Alex Danso saying he was tested and certified infertile some years back.

Magistrate Mawarire dismissed the defendant`s claims and said evidence brought by his wife to the court was consistent and the papers from laboratories abroad were genuine since they had contact addresses and the defendant’s signature which he failed to dispute.
Mawarire then granted maintenance of $800 per month.