Pokello has refused to confirm or deny that she has paid the $18 000 for Gringo’s surgery.
“I don’t talk to the media and I don’t want to confirm anything,” Pokello said before hanging up on The Herald.

Gringo’s daughter, Tanaka said she had no knowledge of any contribution by Pokello.

“Hapana chandinoziva (I don’t know anything about that donation personally).”’

Jackie Ngarande posted a picture on her Facebook page with Pokello with the caption: My friend has a heart made of gold, The most generous person I know, She made a huge difference for someone in need. God bless you Pokello’s Addicted 2 Shoes.”

She did not say what exactly Pokello did to change someone’s life and it seems some people assumed that she donated to Gringo.

Gringo’s wife, Netsai Meki, has now confirmed that Pokello has paid the money.

“I would like to thank Pokello Nare and Aunty Jackie (Ngarande) for their contributions. May God bless them for the love and kindness they have shown to my husband!” she said.

Gringo’s wife said the two paid $12 100 for the surgery and $2 000 in hospital admission fees.
Gringo underwent surgery for a ruptured appendix this week is recovering well at CitiMed Hospital in Chitungwiza.