Kuda Sibs on Facebook writes "I was inspired by the story of a certain young man called Amos Gutu aged 14yrs. Humble and very shy. I met him when I was collecting my own farm bricks and his story, blew my mind Amos stays with his mother and his brother is in Botswana. 

At the beginning of this year, his mother could not pay his form one fees and the young man resorted to work at Marabu as an assistant to brick moulders, getting a certain percentage for his labour. He enrolled himself at a local college to attend his form one and after school will be at his work place, same as on weekends and holidays. 

 Amos has managed to move from being used as cheap labour to being his own boss. He is now his own manager at a place called Marabu in Kadoma. From his earnings, he managed to save and mould his own bricks, hiring older people, man actually to be his brick runners paying them $25 per thousand bricks moulded.  
He is still moulding about 5000 per brick stove and gets $1000 bond of which he will now pay $20 per thousand bricks to the truck loaders for his customers and remains with about $800. 

The remaining he uses to prepare for his next stove of 5000, pays bills and provides food and his school fees and transport money. Amos says he wants to be a pilot when he finishes school and will study to the best of his capabilities. Just to only think that this is just a form one student , blew my mind and I could not help it but to post this.