Renowned eye specialist, Dr Solomon Guramatunhu says women who wear weaves are carrying dirt on their heads.

“The African woman is blessed with arguably the most beautiful hair ever known to any living creature yet you see many wearing the hair of other people. It shows a lack of self-appreciation or self-respect.

“I see the wives of many prominent people, politicians and influencers even, educated women even with human hair and immediately I lose respect for them.

 “You see them patting their heads vigorously because of itching. That is because they are carrying dirt on their heads. Other people’s discard. Why would one think they are inferior to white and Western women to the extent of taking their dirt and discard and putting it on their heads while parting with lots of money while they are at it?” he asks.

“I never want to see those women in my house, no matter how important they are. My house is not a mortuary where you enter carrying the hair of dead people. When I pick up that strand, who is to know what killed the person who had that hair? What diseases they suffered from?”

“You see, the hair is a quick CV as to the thinking and mindset of a person, of a woman. I can tell a lot about a woman owing to their hair,” he says.