Gringo says he is poor and could not pay his medical bills because of piracy. He has been discharged from hospital and is now recovering at home.

“If it wasn’t for piracy, with ‘Gringo Troublemaker’ I would have had made enough to cover my own medical bills. We produce good enough content that could compete internationally if there were good support structures that curb piracy and develop the sector into an industry.

“Instead of artistes begging for help, we should be the ones rendering assistance to the community building hospitals and schools, while aiding those less fortunate and those in disaster-hit areas. It saddens me that we are the ones who now have to go back seeking assistance,” Gringo told the Herald.

“I will keep on acting. I will not stop pleasing the people of Zimbabwe, because even in my time of need it is their prayers and financial contributions that keeps me going. For that I’m eternally grateful,” he said.