Prophet Edd Branson told this woman not to return to her husband who was abusing her. She told her husband that she will only return if he comes to church. He did and was chastised by the prophet.

"Get on your knees first and ask for forgiveness from me, not because I need it, but you grieved the Spirit of God on my head. Afterwards, you go and ask for forgiveness from her. Your marriage is falling apart. She refuses to be with you because I told her not to. I am the one who said to her, 'Don’t return to him.' It's not a secret! Why did I tell her to leave you? What do you think made me tell her that?" Prophet went on to quiz him.

"We had issues, arguments," the man stammered. "There is no misunderstanding. You have a temper problem. Your fuse is very short. You are a very jealous man. As a result, your wife will never have peace unless you are delivered. Ask for forgiveness.

"How much money is in your pocket? He had about $100. "Put it on her feet. Touch her feet and apologise profusely. If I am not convinced, she will not come back. You wronged her. You were treating her like an animal." The man pulled out all the money he had and placed it at his wife's feet as on his knees, he expressed his apologies, touching her feet. "Please receive my apologies. I will not do it again. Forgive me for causing you shame. I want you to be the mother of my children. Prophet, please forgive me also. It was not my intention to cause harm," he remorsefully expressed.