This guy, Gerald Muza from Bulawayo, claims his fractured leg got healed when Prophet Magaya laid hands on him.

Muza was involved in a road traffic accident in 2015. His leg got fractured to the extent that bones were exposed. When he went to the hospital, the doctors placed a metal rod to support the broken bones but the metal rod developed rust (after about 3 years) which then caused the rotting of flesh in the leg. As a result, the doctors recommended the amputation of the leg.

His grandmother, who is a member of PHD Ministries advised him to come to the Arena of liberty for miracle healing before the leg amputation process. He took heed and on 26th October 2018, Gerald came and Prophet Dr W. Magaya laid his anointed hand upon him, which led to the complete healing of his leg. He then went back to the doctors for a check-up who then confirmed that indeed, he was now completely healed.