Patrick Zhuwo has revealed that he was stopped from paying his last respects to his uncle in Singapore.

He raged :"It is unfortunate that I, as one of his nephews, was not able to visit him from the time I became aware that his health had taken a turn for the worse a couple of months ago. The same unholy conspiracy that would not allow me have one last conversation with him also stopped me from paying my last respects to him in Singapore. I am however comforted by the fact that my wife has been able to be with the rest of the family in Singapore since the day after he passed on and she will hopefully accompany him on his journey home. Thank you Beauty."

He added "Speculation around President Mugabe’s final resting is totally uncalled for. There are people to whom President Mugabe outlined his wishes on where he would like his mortal remains to be interred. President Mugabe’s wishes on his final resting place must be respected irrespective of the desires and wishes of any politician no matter what lofty positions or office they think they occupy. Those who know President Mugabe’ wishes must NEVER be threatened or intimidated.

As muzukuru and dunzvi (nephew) of the Gushungo clan, I am very aware of the spiritual power that vanaGushungo have over matters to do with their wishes, traditions and legacy. Let those who think they can torment President Mugabe’s departed soul and subjugate the wishes of the Gushungo ancestors know that they are inviting the spiritual wrath of the whole clan. Be warned; you will never win that spiritual war; kuzvikokera ngozi (that is inviting a curse on oneself).
He was writing on his blog patrickzhuwao.com