Peter Ndlovu has revealed that he always consulted former president Robert Mugabe each time he changed clubs.

“Today (yesterday) is indeed a very sad day for us, Zimbabwe, Africa and the world. We have lost our father, leader, friend, hero and an icon. In simpler terms, we have lost a legend. I would like to appreciate what he (Mugabe) did for me as an individual and the pivotal roles he played in advising me, and my former manager Winston Makamure, throughout my footballing career and life in general.

“I never moved to any club without consulting him as a father, to have an input. As per the promise that I made to the world in one of my interviews, which was to be carried in a BBC documentary in which I said my Number 12 special shirt that I wore with pride and joy, would only part with me going Robert Gabriel Mugabe’s way, I would have loved to present it to him.

“I would have wanted to do that while he was still alive to show more respect. As people, unfortunately, only appreciate and honour people when they are gone. However, I will make means to have access, through the family, to present this shirt. I would also appeal to fellow legends to help me out.

“May his soul rest in eternal peace and may his family, wife Grace and the kids, be consoled in Jesus’ name and may the Almighty God lay his healing Hands upon you all and the whole world to be able to deal with this sad loss.”