Zimbabweans in the USA are fundraising to repatriate the body of Williamson Chitiyo, a retired educator who succumbed to cancer in July.

Chitiyo had to leave Zimbabwe when he retired as the economy deteriorated. "As painful as it is, it's either you stay and you die, or you move and try to make it the best way you can," his daughter, Tariro said. "For him to move after retiring … someone who's lived in a country for all their life, for them to then pick up and leave after they retired because they can't see how they were going to survive … it was heartbreaking. "

He couldn't get a job at a university, and he ended up working as a sales associate at Walmart.

"Although it was frustrating, he was always happy. He didn't let it get him down. He'd be like, 'Okay, yes I'm disappointed, but life goes on," Tariro said.

He found his way back to education, albeit not in the capacity he was used to, but as a substitute teacher.