Jean Gasho says her Ghanaian husband is looking for a second wife and she is helping him search for the new addition to the family.

She said :”Ten months ago, as we were about to enter 2019, God gave us, both my husband and I, a revelation about who we were and our identity. Both of us have always had a deep love  for black people, so God revealed to us the part we would play in this new era, or should I say dispensation.

God showed us that my husband has been called to be the Boaz he is to me, not only to me, but to certain black women who too have been called.

So my husband will celebrate the end of 400 years of slavery by taking another wife. This again is a fulfillment of prophecy.  It will all be done according to scripture…Isaiah 4:1
My husband is a man of honor and integrity, he only sees a certain type of beauty in women. He is only attracted to black women. And black means black, not mixed race.  

There are a lot of things he despises on a woman. He cannot stand a woman who wears wigs, weaves or braids. He cannot stand heavy make-up or heavy jewellery. If make up is to be worn, it has to be very subtle and jewellery has to be very small or none at all. He hates false nails.

You have to be between 25 years and 35 years of age. If you are a single mother, you have to have a minimum of 2 children. You have to be able to provide for yourself financially. He will take care of your emotional, social and conjugal needs.

Women interested in joining our family will have to pay their way, we are not in a position to feed or look after a woman who wants to be his second wife.

My husband will hold interviews, and the women who will be selected will go on a date with him, and out of the successful candidates he will select his wife, with my help, but it will be his choice.

Those interested in becoming his second wife, please send your applications (bio and picture) to my husband at If you are a single mother you pay £500 to be considered for a date with him and spend a weekend with him (no intimacy). If you have no children you pay £350 to be considered for a date with him and spend a weekend with him (no intimacy). If you are a virgin you do not pay anything, however your virginity will have to be medically tested and proven (no intimacy).  The reason why women have to pay is because my husband is the one doing a service and sacrificing for single black women. In the diaspora, more black women are single because black men are sadly being taken by white women.

The successful candidate will become my husband’s wife and have a private marriage ceremony but will not hold a legal marriage certificate.

Am I threatened or nervous, of course not. I am a very confident woman in my own right. I dont mind sharing, my husband has more than enough love in him. I am actually super excited because it means  I will have a companion and helper, I do have 6 children, lol. Originally published here