This is Maria Mudenda, a divorcee from Hwange, who found a white man after a prophesy from Prophet Walter Magaya.

Maria was married in 2000 when she was 20 years old but divorced three years later. She fell on hard times with her two children. Out of desperation, she was advised by a neighbour to visit Prophet Magaya.

She told the prophet that she wanted to be financially secure and needed a white man in her life.

After the guest house visit, she went back to Hwange and started going through the social platforms in search of a man to marry. Lo and behold, she got into a relationship with one white man from Australia. Their relationship developed into a serious affair until the man, named Walter finally came to Africa. He proposed to her soon after landing at Victoria Falls airport and lobola plans ensued immediately. Her parents her charged RTGS5000.00 but Walter paid them 5000 Euros.

Walter also bought a 4-bedroomed house for his in-laws. As for Maria, Walter bought land for her and built a 9-roomed house for her in 4 months. Last week she got collected her visa to Germany where the husband is staying.