Musician cum model, Faith Candy has revealed that her mother vanished when she was just one year and three months old. She has not seen her since.

Now 31 years later, she has started searching for her.
“I have not been talking about my other side of my life. My mother left me when I was one year three months and I grew up with my dad’s relatives. She was nowhere to be found and we tried everything to find her so right now I don’t even know her and her relatives. I only know my dad’s relatives.”

“So I was told that she left, vakangoenda and no one has told me the reason why, they don’t even know what happened. My dad then handed me to my grandmother and she took care of me. I grew up with my grandparents and my father died when I was 5 years,” she told H Metro.

“I was born alone, no brother no sister and there was no one to explain the whole issue. I grew up with my dad’s relatives and I don’t even know relatives to my mother, handizive kana one.”

“It’s just hard but it made me strong though I have my father’s young brother and his wife who were always there for me. They made me feel like their real daughter.”