Andy Muridzo who dumped Mai Keketso for a new flame says women have ruined his life. Andy who is set to release a new album later this month has been deserted by most of his band members who say is now under a petticoat government.

He told H Metro : “I have lost some of my fans as a result of the negative stuff that was publicised, but there comes a time when a man matures and decides to correct his past mistakes. I know I wronged many people and even lost opportunities but in life we all move on.”

"In life we Need not to dwell more on the past even though it is difficult for some to forget. In my case, I'm appealing to fans and the corporate world to accept a new Andy, Muridzo who has reformed. I do admit that I was once caught oftf side, but it's sad for the nation to continue dwelling in the past.”