Zodwa has paid lobola for her younger boyfriend, Ntobeko Linda. The socialite sent an all-woman delegation to ask for Linda's hand in marriage and they were charged R70,000. The delegation paid R40,000.

Zodwa had already paid R50,000 for Linda's ring. Though there were doubts if the wedding will continue, Zodwa has confirmed that it is on.

President of KwaZulu-Natal Traditional Healers Association Sazi Mhlongo told Sowetan that Zodwa had made "history". He concurred that what she had done was a new phenomenon.

President of the African Cultural Heritage Trust Qhuzulini Sithole defined the act as taboo. He said paying lobola for a man was "unAfrican".

"What this woman is doing will upset her ancestors. I would like to know if the boyfriend will assume her surname or not.

However, Zodwa said whether paying lobola for her boyfriend was unAfrican or not, she did not care.

She said she did not follow any African culture and was living by her own rules. "I don't follow any rules. I do what I want. Whether people are not happy or criticising me, I'm going ahead with the wedding.

"I don't have a problem with those who are practising it. I only pray, and the rest they are my rules."