A Zimbabwean who was filmed abusing a 67 year old man he was looking after has been jailed in the UK.

Vangirai Michael Kufa was jailed last week after he was caught on camera physically abusing George Stenhouse, from Northwich, Cheshire.

Mr Stenhouse, whose rare brain disease left him bed bound and unable to communicate, became 'jumpy', 'agitated' and 'scared', says his daughter, Catherine Walker, and she decided to install the secret camera to find an explanation.

After a couple of weeks, 'heartbreaking' footage emerged of the retired electrical engineer being hit in the genitals and 'shadow-boxed' by Kufa.
Kufa was sentenced to nine months in jail and can no longer work with vulnerable adults.

DC Chris Percival, of Northwich CID, said: 'The victim's family placed their trust in Kufa to look after and care for their father in his dying days – and he totally abused this trust.'
A spokesperson for the home said: “Mr Kufa was employed by a temporary staffing agency and worked at our home in early 2018.

“His behaviour goes against everything we stand for as an organisation, and we handle these concerns in the strongest possible way.

"When his behaviour first came to light, we immediately made sure he did not work in any of our homes again.

"We subsequently provided all possible support to the affected Resident and their loved ones, and did everything we could to help the Police investigation.

"We fully support the court’s decision and retain a zero-tolerance approach any behaviour which goes against our ethos of kindness.”