Former Pax Afro lead vocalist Yulith Ndlovu has dismissed as utter rubbish claims that she was sexually abused by Prof Jonathan Moyo.

“Jonathan Moyo’s sister is my mother’s stepsister so that makes him my uncle. We discovered that we were related during the Pax Afro days. We didn’t know that we were related. The allegations that Moyo sexually abused me are utter rubbish. It did not happen.”

“I can’t say that Moyo could have raped other girls we worked with because he was hardly ever there when we were at work. It was mainly the band and the producer. He (Moyo) would come once in a while to oversee the works and make changes if need be.

“He didn’t even interact much with anyone at work. It was more like an eight to five job in the studio and Prof would normally come once or twice a week.

“There was no time that one could say they had a conversation with him. He kept it as professional as possible,” she told the Standard.

Ndlovu married Ronald Mathe seven years ago and the couple is expecting their third child.