A UK-based woman has dragged her mother to court after she duped her of her house in Bulawayo.

Prisca Banda said she gave her mother, Mrs Jennifer Banda £10 000 to buy a house in 2002. At that time she could not return home since she had not regularised her stay in the UK. The understanding was that Mrs Banda would use her name to sign all the documents for the sale and transfer of the property.

“The first defendant (Mrs Jenifer Banda) in consultation with me identified a property for purchase and I sent her 10 000 pounds so that she could buy the property in Suburbs, Bulawayo. At that time I could not travel to Zimbabwe because I had not yet obtained my documents to enable me to travel.

“The parties agreed that the first defendant would sign all the documents for the sale and transfer of the property and hold it in trust on my behalf until I had regularised my stay in the UK,” she said in her court papers.

Prisca said as per agreement, her mother took transfer and occupation of the house. She said soon after regularising her stay, she then demanded that her mother transfer the house into her name in terms of the agreement, but the woman refused to comply.
“Wherefore I pray for an order declaring me to be the sole owner of the property and directing the first defendant to transfer it into my name within five days of granting of the order.

In the event that the first defendant fails to comply, the Sheriff of the High Court should be authorised to sign the documents,” said Prisca in her summons.