Prophet Magaya says the truth will come out as he denied raping and impregnating a teenage girl.

He confirmed that he knew the alleged victim’s parents -Molly and Godfrey Maenzanise –saying they were PHD members before they left to Zambia to start their own ministry.

“I remain focused to my calling since truth will always come out. What I know is that I am a victim of extortions and I have decided to stop feeding extorting mouth because they are ever demanding.

“Enisia ( who did interview with parents) was helping at the IT department before she left to UK and she was has been threatening to destroy me through social media if I fail to support her financially and this is it.

“If you stop helping someone he or she begin to hate you unaware that we have many children to give help anoramba achidakubatsirwa chete haagute. 

“When I help people I am giving them seeds to start their own businesses but many take the seeds for lunch and return expecting more zvekuti umwe anenge achatouya negirlfriend yake kuti ndimupe mari yekunofara zvake.

 “Such people are the ones who turn against me when I stop helping them and seek ways to tarnish me but I will remain focused,” Magaya told H Metro.

He said he has no hard feelings towards the Maenzanise family. “I have many children I adopted and if the child in question is my biological child how would I fail to support when I have two biological children.

“Maenzanise family will remain my children I received through the ministry as well as Enisia. I wish them more grace and urge them to believe in the word I planted in them and shun building their ministries through destroying other people.

“I will not be forced to dance to people’s tunes but remain focused on my calling because the harvest is plenty but the labourers are few and we have not time to waste."