on he red carpet
Some 37 models who were ushers during the Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards were paid just RTGS$10 each.

They were also not given anything to eat for the night. Pardon Khanye highlighted the plight of the models on social media.

“I hear models were told to report at the ZITF at 3PM and were there up to midnight or should I just say the next day. They worked and did not get food, only to be given 10 bond after the show to go get food. . . .These kids have been waiting for their pay from last week of which they don’t even know how much they are getting.

“So to whoever who is meant to pay these kids, please understand that these kids have parents and homes, let alone when a model goes out to work, they expect to be paid. May you kindly pay them or at least update on when they are getting paid,” he said.

Open Eye Studio founder Samantha Tshuma, who was a presenter at the awards, said her assistant Joanne Peters was the one in charge of the models’ welfare on the night as she was occupied.

Peters explained why the models were given RTGS$10 and were not fed at the end of the night.

“With regards to the 10 Bond for food, it was because there was confusion with the catering team. So at the end of the night, they hadn’t eaten and it was decided that we be given 10 Bond to help with that,” said Peters.

On the payment of the models, she said there was no clear message that they would be paid for ushering.

“There was a message that circulated that there were models needed for ushering for the BAAs and there were incentives for them. However, it wasn’t clear what the incentives were,” said Peters.