Andy Muridzo’s manager has quit insisting that he was now under a petticoat government. Gift Petro has deserted Andy after three years because of his new wife, Nyarie

“I have tried my best to push Andy’s brand since I joined him in 2016 but my hands seem to be tied now. Ever since he moved in with his new wife, she has brought divisions that are slowing everything down in the camp. I can’t work under such conditions and I don’t answer to ‘petticoat government’.

“I have been hanging on for some time now and my departure which comes after other band members had left should be a sign enough that his empire is crumbling,” Petro told H Metro.

“I even tried to warn him against dumping his former wife and children to move in with Nyarie at her Mt Pleasant house, now everything seem to be backfiring.

But Andy said he sacked Petro. “Petro is lying when he says he quit the band but I actually fired him after realising he was a liability. I could not work with someone who cannot defend his brand when he is tasked to do so.

“Petro aitowedzera moto and I realised that I needed a serious person who understands management. He should put my wife out of this since he destroyed this thing (Andy Muridzo brand) instead of protecting it.

“On that note, my message to fans is we are still pushing to the top and we won’t be moved basa ratakazvarirwa kufadza varungu vedu,” he added.

He has has since hired  a new management team, including his wife’s brother. “These guys are concentrating not only on performances but rebuilding the brand itself.