A Bulawayo man has told a magistrate that he pimps his wife for booze. “ I’m not  gainfully  employed, as a result I  agreed with  my wife who also takes alcohol  that I will pimp her for  beer. And I always pimp her for beer and on rare occasions for money for our family daily upkeep,” said Mpumelelo Dube.

He added “Last week I pimped her to an artisanal miner. Shockingly she did not return and returned on the following day. I was angered by that and I had to hit her with fists.”

The wife, Melody Sibanda said :“When he married me I was a s.ex worker. Usually at any drinking spot I do a short time s.ex service with a man who would in return buy us beer and that has been helpful to us as it has sustained our relationship.” 

 “Last week on Friday I failed to return home because I got heavily drunk and had to sleep at the artisanal miner’s lodgings. I went back home and explained to him (Dube) but he did not accept my explanation. He beat me all over the body with fists and kicked me while  shouting  obscenities at me.”

At the end of a full trial Dube was found not guilty of assault.