Former president Jacob Zuma is the father of  Sonono Khoza’s nine year-old son, she has confirmed.

Khoza, is the daughter of Orlando Pirates boss Irvin "The Iron Duke" Khoza. This emerged as Zuma has given Sonono just about exclusive powers over their love child.

Zuma has given Khoza the right to remove the child from the Republic of South Africa without his consent.

He has also given her the right to travel with the child out of the country whenever she chooses, and the right to apply for a passport and international visa or permit for their child without his consent.

He has also given, absolute powers to make decisions regarding the "religious and spiritual advancement of the child".

The shocking details were contained in a high court application for a settlement agreement signed by Zuma, who is cited as the second applicant and Khoza , who is cited as the first applicant, to be made an order of court.

According to the papers, which Sunday World has seen, Khoza publicly confirmed for the first time that the former president was indeed the father of their 9-year-old child.

"The second applicant and I became involved during or about the course of 2008. We never lived together during our involvement. During the course of 2008 I fell pregnant... and as set out herein above, the minor child was born on the 8th October 2009," reads the court papers.

Khoza, who identified herself as a businesswoman, said that she neither married nor lived with Zuma.