A Zimbabwean student has become the first in the UK to be convicted of making two guns with a 3D printer.

Tendai Muswere, 26, told his trial he made the handgun and revolver to use as props as part of his course at London Southbank University. He admitted printing a Washbear revolver and a Hexen Pepper-box handgun using a machine at his flat in Pimlico, south London in October 2017.   

Police found the components for one of the weapons during a drugs raid on Muswere's home in October 2017, where they also found cannabis plants.

He claimed he was doing a university film project and was not aware that the parts he had made would be capable of firing.

But his internet search history showed he had viewed instruction videos on how to use a 3D printer to make a functioning gun. John Kearney, defending, said: 'He was arrested initially after police had searched his address and found cannabis plants growing. That happened, in fact, on two occasions.'

He said Muswere pleaded guilty to the drug offences at an earlier hearing before magistrates.

'It is apparent that despite the fact that he was a student and, as he had asserted, studying film at the time, he does have mental health issues,' he added.

The barrister also asked for a psychiatric report be prepared for Muswere, who faces a five year statutory minimum sentence for possession of a prohibited firearm.

Judge Jeffrey Pegden, QC, told Muswere: 'We are going to adjourn your case until the 9th of August. Please keep in touch with your lawyers because there is work to be done in your case.'

A London Southbank University spokesman told MailOnline Muswere was suspended from university after his arrest and there is 'no requirement for film studies students to create handguns as props'