DNA tests have confirmed that sisters, Sharon Mathius and Melon Lutenyo of Kenya are biological identical twins.

They never knew each other existed until they crossed paths on social media. Initially, they mistook each other for online identity frauds. They cut off communication until they bumped into each other at a bus stop.

Sharon Mathius, Melon Lutenyo and Mevis Imbaya were born within 24 hours in the same hospital in 1999. At birth, one of the twin was swapped with the third girl born to a different couple.

The twins ended up being raised by different parents until 2018, when they found themselves. In April 2019, both families resorted to solve the mystery by seeking professional help. Lancet Kenya then offered to carry out a DNA test at subsidised cost.

 The DNA tests conducted by Lancet Kenya was released on Saturday. It showed that Sharon Mathius and Melon Lutenyo shared identical DNA profiles.

The test proved that Ms Rosemary Khaveleli Onyango, who raised Melon and Mevis, is the biological mother of Sharon and Melon while Mevis Imbaya, who was raised as Melon's twin is the biological child of Ms Angeline Omina and Mr Wilson Lutah Maruti who raised Sharon.

 Sharon has said that she wants to stay with Rosemary.