A waitress in South Africa has walked away with an R18 680 tip from a patron for her "amazing service."

Ayanda Ndlovu told News24 on Friday that she served the patron - who wished to remain anonymous - two weeks ago.
"She asked me what I wanted to do [as a profession] and I told her I've always wanted to be a paramedic. I still do, I've just been hampered by the fact that I had to stop school at an early age because of financial reasons.
"I'm still in conversation with the patron," said Ndlovu. The initial bill came to R1 320 and the woman decided to make a R20 000 payment. 
"I have no want to reverse this, no second thoughts about it and I was of sound mind when deciding to leave this tip," the mystery benefactor said in a private WhatsApp message to Randolf Jorberg, the owner of Beerhouse.
Ndlovu, in disbelief, "called the duty manager immediately to try and talk the patron out of it, but the patron refused saying that Ayanda's service was amazing and that she deserved every last bit of that money," the post read.
Ndlovu said the money would kickstart her dream of becoming a paramedic. She hopes the patron's good deed will inspire others to help her fulfill this dream.
"I've told my boss that I do want to go back to school."