Mathias Mhere says he will soon be ordained as pastor with the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) church.

He said that he was set to graduate from Living Waters Theological Seminary this October where he is currently taking pastoral studies.

“I was inspired by the call from God. I grew up wanting to be a pastor. You may try to hide or run away from it, but it always comes back. I have been practicing this and now I wait for graduation where I will be ordained.

“I am not going to quit music. I will still be full-time in music. I took on theology to improve the way I write my songs and at the same time to broaden the kingdom of God, winning souls. I will continue holding shows because that is where the ministry’s strength is.

“I am very happy that I am going to be a pastor soon. I have been preaching the word of God through music but now will be ministering in church. My family and wife are supportive of this decision. It might not be easy for fans to accept it at first but believe you me, I still need them and pray for me also as I will do likewise for the industry.

“Whenever I go on stage, I start to preach depending on the mood or situation I am facing and then I belt out my songs. So some people used to question this, why not start by singing? Why am I preaching first? By doing this, I was equipping for the next version of me,” he told The Herald.

He said after being ordained he will use the title, ‘Pastor Mathias Mhere’ on all promotional material.