One of Jah Prayzah’s manager Dualsim lost his rag when his spot at a Gweru gig was taken by another musician.

"The guy came over to me and said I should move from where I was standing as it was his spot because he is Jah Prayzah’s manager.  I didn’t see the logic in that since it was a packed gig and everyone was standing but he would have none of it.

“For simply refusing to give the guy his so-called spot he punched me several times in the face while promoters and other artistes just stood there. I even heard one of the guys saying ndezvebasa (stuff like that happens on the job),” she told H Metro.

Gig promoter ZimBoy said :“Yes, Tasha was beaten but she also later returned and kicked Dualsim. We chucked both of them outside.”

Jah Prayzah’s other manager Keen Mashapaidze said he was with Dualsim the whole night and didn’t witness a fight. I was with Dual that night but I did not see any fight.”