Business tycoon, Frank Buyanga’s ex will be sent to prison if she does not hand over the passport of the couple’s son to Buyanga.

A Harare magistrate has told Chantelle Muteswa,that she has to comply with the court order. If she does not she will be imprisoned for one month.

Buyanga had dragged Muteswa to court pleading with the court to compel her to comply with the order to surrender the passport on all of his access days in accordance with the custody order handed down by the civil court on the 17 of April 2019.

Muteswa through her lawyer had strongly resisted the charge on the basis that she had lodged an appeal subsequent to the order, thereby suspending the order by the lower court.
The court said even if she genuinely believed that the order was irregularly issued, she still had an obligation to comply with it and seek redress afterwards rather than undermining the authority of the court.