Mamvura with her child.pic : bernard chiguvare
The Zimbabweans who survived the crash that claimed 13 lives in Limpopo say the driver was tired and the bus was overloaded.

Survivors visited by GroundUp say the driver arrived early in the morning after a long journey and set off again at once. Medusa Mamvura, who was still wearing her bloodstained blouse when in Louis Trichardt Hospital a day after the accident, says the crash could be a result of driver fatigue.

“We were supposed to leave Pretoria on Sunday (5 May) for Zimbabwe but that was not the case. We had to spend the whole night waiting for the bus until Monday morning. The bus arrived around 5am on Monday. The drivers did not rest. We loaded our goods and off we left for Zimbabwe. We were not happy going back with the same drivers and insisted on being refunded but that fell on deaf ears,” said Mavura.

Her two-year-old child sitting next to her had bruises all over her face.

Another survivor, Ruramai Torima, sitting in a wheelchair, said: “At a weighbridge before Polokwane the driver was told the bus was overloaded. We do not know what happened for us to pass overloaded like that.”

Chizivano Moyo, failing to hold back tears, said: “I lost my wife and three stepchildren in this accident. I do not know what to do. At the weighbridge near Polokwane we realised the bus was not in good condition. The driver did some touch-ups [tightening exhaust nuts] on the bus and we suspected something was not in condition.”

Moyo, does odd jobs in South Africa. His late wife was employed as a domestic worker. They come from Masvingo. He had bruises on his left arm and on the head.