Mai Titi has accused her rival Madam Boss of faking an attack at her house in Sunridge.
car that was damaged at Madam Boss's house.

She told H Metro : "One thing you should know is that Tyra Chikocho is a liar and she is actually the one stalking me using ghost accounts on social media.

“Tyra wants to appear as a good person when in actual fact she is the one pestering me on social media.

“For instance, she is now faking an attack to get people’s sympathy.

“We stay in the same neighbourhood and I decided to visit her so that we could talk face to face as women and not comedians.

“I had actually sent her a message that I was coming but when I arrived, they told me she had gone to china and I left.

“As for the attack, she faked it and I know that for sure; if I wanted to fight her, I could have done it in person.”

“As you know, Madam Boss is a school drop-out and both of us are renting.

“We can’t say we (Madam Boss and Mai Titi) have made it in life but we are simply managing to pay our bills to survive.

“Tyra is a liar and she must learn to be humble and stop stalking me with ghost sounds.

“Tyra ndiye anondidenha ndakanyarara zvangu but when I respond, its fireworks."