Madam Boss says she has had enough and is now taking Mai TiTi to court.

“My manager has gone to meet our lawyers so that we can take legal action against Mai Titi.
“Over the years, Mai Titi has been accusing me of infidelity and at one point she threatened me with violence.

“She has accused me of bedding many powerful people including cabinet ministers, politicians, musicians and business executives that I work with.

“Mai Titi has tarnished my image and as a brand ambassador for a number of corporate organisations, I can’t bear it anymore; my image is at stake and it’s high time we sue her even though she is after drama,” she said.

Asked whether she suspected her of the foiled Monday night attack or not, Madam Boss said:
“Well, I wouldn’t say she is the one behind it but investigations are underway.

“My only worry against her is that she has been stalking me and on Monday, she took a selfie in front of my gate and I don’t know what she was doing at my place of residence.”

“Prior to her visit at my residence, she had threatened me with violence saying I could do nothing to her.

“So I’m just waiting for the investigations to be done but I have nothing against her.
“Like I said earlier on, I don’t have problems with her, I forgive Mai Titi for everything she has done to harm my image.

“However, I will not stop applying for a peace order against her because she is now out of control.”