Mavis with the child
A teenager says she is heartbroken after she was forced to separate from her brother whom she fell in love with.

Mavis Chekwa had an affair with her brother, Samuel Nyadawa and the couple now have a seven months old baby.

Mavis is the daughter of Samuel’s mother’s young sister. The pair were taken to Chief Saunyama’s court and were each ordered to pay a beast and goat for the improper relationship.

“The dilemma was that Samuel and Mavis’ mothers are sisters making them first degree relatives yet they share different totems. Culturally, if they hailed from the same family, that is, on their fathers’ side and share the same totem we would have said bvisai mombe yecheka hukama,” the chief told Manica Post.

Samuel said it all started as ‘child play’ until his sister got pregnant.
“It all started as child play when we were watering the gardens at the village. I used to visit my ‘wife’ at their homestead and I would do some of the menial jobs for them since our mothers are sisters.

“We were all alive to the fact that we are related. The plays blossomed into love affair that resulted in us having an intimate sexual relationship. She ended up being pregnant.
“Our parents had agreed that I would pay lobola and Mavis’ mother had also accepted. We had plans to go and pay lobola in the next two months,” he said.

Mavis believes that the decision by the court was harsh on her considering that they were also forced to divorce. She said she spends sleepless nights pondering about her future after being separated from the love of her life.

“I still love my husband and it has been difficult for me to think of my future without him. We were happily in love and enjoying our union. Now that the court has decided to separate us, I do not know how I am going to survive and how my future would be,” she said.