he skins a cat

A Sakubva man says he eats stray cats which he says the meat tastes like chicken.

“All I want is to prove people wrong on which meat is poisonous or not. I started eating cats while I was a little boy and here I am. I am healthy and have never fallen sick because of eating cats,” Frank Tapfuma told the Manica Post.

“It tastes like chicken. I enjoy cat meat especially when it is grilled, unlike when boiled or fried,” he said.  Adding that he was not killing people’s pets, but was targeting stray ones, which are usually a menace to society.

“I do not kill people’s cats. I only hunt those that are homeless and live in the streets, ‘mabonga’. As long as the cat does not belong to anyone, you can call me and I will help you get rid of it,” he said jokingly.

“Cats are so easy to hunt; rabbits are even complicated because you have to use stones. For cats, I just grab and kill them with my hands. I do not need any weapon to kill a cat. My hands do all the work.”