Lady Squanda says the First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa is her role model.

“I have seen her playing important roles in this country that should be appreciated. She has shown that during the days of cholera and a lot of humanitarian works that she has embarked on.

“She is the first to pitch up whenever there is a problem that affects the nation, I respect her since she is a hardworker,” she told H Metro.

Lady Squanda said she has formed an organisation called Rise and Shine Africa (RasAfrica) to help children being raised by grandmothers.

“There is an organisation that I am running at the moment called RasAfrica to assist underprivileged children especially girls. The organisation is just starting and firstly I am donating pants and bras to those children.

“I have realised most of those children do not have those underwear garments. At the moment I have managed to donate in the rural area of Chishawasha. There are no donors yet that have pitched in to this initiative because of the economic hardships.

Lady Squanda who was reported to have been married twice by 2014 opened up about her love life and marriage without giving more details. “I have two daughters, the first born is nine years old and the second one is two years old. I am married, but I will not divulge much about the details of my husband since he does not want publicity.”