VPs Chiwenga and Mohadi earn $14 000 a month each, it has been revealed in court.
Mohadi’s payslip was produced in a divorce wranglewith his former wife Tambudzani.
The Standard reports that Tambudzani is demanding a $13 394 monthly maintenance from Mohadi, whom she says earns “quite a substantial amount”.

“As a vice-president, the respondent (Mohadi) has more than enough financial means to meet his maintenance obligation post- divorce,” she argued in the court papers.

“As a vice-president, the respondent is entitled to annual pension equivalent to (an) annual salary in terms of section 2 (1) (a1) of the presidential pension and retirement benefit.
“The respondent is the vice-president and a 70-year-old businessman with various business ventures all over the country.

“During the subsistence of the marriage, we always maintained a high standard of living due to our high-earning capacity,” Tambudzani said.

“However, my monthly income is insufficient to pay for all my monthly expenses and sustain the lifestyle I am accustomed to.

“As such, it is the legal duty of the respondent to contribute maintenance for my monthly expenses until I die or remarry,” she said.

Her own payslip for July 2018 showed that she earned a gross salary of $1 124 and an allowance of $1 046. Her net salary was $2 032.

Last month the government increased the salaries of civil servants by less than $300 and the workers complain that the money has already been eroded by hyperinflation.

Civil servants take home less than $1 000 in salaries per month.