Madzibaba Strive Masango has angrily reacted to stories that he sacrificed his three children who died in an accident.

The ‘back to sender’ prophet explained what happened :“I was at a crusade in Kwekwe on a Friday. My wife was home and unbeknown to me she decided to go to our kids’ boarding school in Rusape to collect them.

“It was late when they drove to Rusape; maybe she was worried about Cyclone Idai because reports were saying it may affect those areas. She did not tell me. Our plan had been to go together on Saturday for visit.

“She says she left around 3pm for Rusape and it was on the return journey that they were involved in the accident.

“If I was aware that my wife had gone to visit the kids I could have prayed about the trip. In most cases I was the one who used to go and collect the kids.

“My wife says she failed to negotiate a curve and lost control of the vehicle leading into an accident that claimed all my three children and one of my mother’s young sister. She says instead of breaking on the curve, she mistakenly stepped onto the accelerator leading to the accident.

“When I got home my family was not there and I called my young brothers that were there and they told me my wife had gone to get the kids. I said it wasn’t a problem but when I tried her number and the numbers of the other people she had gone with, all the phones were not available.

“That is when I was told that my wife had been in an accident and I went to the scene in Marondera.”
“There was another pupil from my children’s school that they had given a ride and that pupil also survived.”

“As for why the tragedy befell to a Prophet, I want to believe that death has no limits even traditional healers and prophets were among the people who perished in Chimanimani through Cyclone Idai.

“Even Biblical Job lost his children and wealth but he remained faithful so I will not stop worshiping my God so who am I not to be spared from such mishaps.
“Prophets do not foresee everything. None of the prophets in Zimbabwe even prophesied that Cyclone Idai was coming.”