Former first lady Janet Banana has returned to Zimbabwe from the UK and is said to be seriously ill.

The Daily News reports that 83-year-old Banana has been in and out of the hospital due to renal failure..

Bulawayo provincial minister, Judith Ncube confirmed that the government is taking care of Banana’s medical bills. “She is not feeling well, that is the reason why the president had to call her so that she can be assisted. It is her right to get government assistance.

It is the government that is actually taking care of her bills. At the moment, we are frantically looking for a house for her that will be purchased by the government, because she is currently staying with her sister.

The government is working towards giving her, her pension. Two weeks ago, her pension had not yet reflected in her bank account. She is well taken care of. It’s just a question of time before everything gets into place."