Popular member of Jah Prayzah’s Third Generation band, Thobekile Nleya says she feels belittled at times for being in a band.

“I’ve learnt a lot and being with the band has made me a better musician. I must say, I thought the music business was easy, but I realised that if you don’t work hard, you’ll always feel the constant need to pull others down.  I’ve learnt that hard work can take you places.

“Since joining Third Generation, I’ve been working on myself, bettering my vocals and dance and basically fitting into the band.”

“The stigma that comes with being in a band is what’s disheartening sometimes. People will always refer you as that girl from the band. Those words alone are just degrading. People don’t understand that being in a band is just like any other job as music is also a career,” said Excavator who has been with the band for three years.

Excavator told the Chronicle that her first love, gospel music does not pay the bills. “I changed from gospel music because I needed some form of income and gospel music wasn’t paying that much. However, one day, when things are in place, I’ll go back to my first love which is gospel music."