grandma next to Elliot's grave

The grandmother of Elliot Moyo who was famously resurrected by Pastor Lukau says she is hurt because he did not contact her in seven years.

“I raised my grandson single handedly because both his parents died in Harare when he was young. I only managed to send him to Gegeme Primary School but he could not go further with his studies because of financial constraints. That is how he decided to go to South Africa to make a living. Now what pains me is that it’s been seven years since he went to South Africa and he had never set foot home or contacted me in those seven years. I only got to see him as a corpse. We buried him right next to his grandfather because when he was sick he kept telling his in-laws that he wants to lie next to his grandfather.

“At the time of his death he was constantly vomiting blood, it was such a painful death. I wish someone could properly explain to me what was happening in South Africa because I hear he was once dead for three days and was resurrected by a pastor,” Emily Moyo told B Metro.
Elliot in hospital

Elliot, real name Thabiso Proud Mlanje was buried at his late father’s homestead in Dandanda Village in Lupane under Chief Mabhikwa.