A deputy director in the Ministry of Women Affairs, nabbed with Cyclone donations wept in court after she was denied bail.

Manica Post reports that Christine Chideme (63) was remanded in custody until April 17. She was advised to apply for bail at High Court as she was facing a serious offence. She pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The court heard that on April 3 at around 7pm, the accused person who was driving a Toyota Landcruiser (WAG-CD23) heading to Chipinge was stopped by Terrence Majonga, a soldier, while she was coming from Silver Stream command centre.

“She told Majonga that she was carrying some groceries which were on a voucher she was given by members of the civil protection committee at Silver Stream in Chimanimani,” he said. But the groceries were not tallying with what was written on the voucher. She was then arrested.

Some of the goods which were stashed at the back of  the vehicle included 6×35g peanut butter, 3×30 cotton pads, 6×10 Happy pads, 11×500ml Bonaqua mineral water, 2×125 Tanganda tea three leaves, 4×2,5kg porridge, 12×125g Arenel biscuits, 4×2,5tsabanga porridge, 5×2kg rice, 2×6 pack candle, 8 boxes of 6×25g bathing soap,1kg mega salt, 6×2litre orange crush and 12 pure drop cooking oil.