Suspended UZ vice chancellor Levi Nyagura says Robert Mugabe awarded his wife, Grace the PHD and he should be the one who should be charged.

He said the former president as the varsity’s Chancellor approved and conferred his wife with the PhD. His lawyer gave notice to subpoena Mugabe, his wife Grace and President Mnangagwa so that they give evidence as chief officers.

The defence argued that the PhD was still in existence and President Mnangagwa had the powers to revoke it.

 “The accused was never the chancellor and has never been one at any given time particularly at the time when the PHD in issue was conferred on Grace Mugabe.

“The chancellor is the chief officer of the university. The accused was the vice chancellor and his powers are set out in terms of Section 8 of the University of Zimbabwe Act and this section provides no powers to confer or award degrees of any sort. In terms of this section, he is an officer of the university and does not act in his personal capacity.

 “At the relevant period it was Robert Gabriel Mugabe who was the chancellor…Robert Mugabe is the answerable person and must instead face the charges. Accused is the wrong person to charge,” read part of Nyagura's application.

Nyagura pleaded for acquittal. The State will file its written response today while oral submissions will be conducted on April 4.