Zodwa Wabantu has backed Gugu Ncube saying that she was fighting for her rights.

“There is no better way to do it than this,” she told the Daily Sun. She said that it was not fair that the victim was being arrested.

“But the person implicated is walking free.What is happening in this country?” she asked. She said a woman showing her body was not disrespectful, especially if for a good cause.

She said she will be in Gauteng today and wants to meet Gugu. “I want us to be naked together,” she said. “Women will continue being abused and harassed if we keep quiet and don’t support one another.”

Gugu Ncube, dressed only in her bra and panties, staged a one woman protest on the steps of the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Wednesday.

Women and political party members came to support Gugu when she made her first appearance at the Pretoria Magistrates Court on Thursday. Her case was postponed to 10 April to allow for further investigations.